Vision, Values, Mission Statement


At Beacon, we are proud of our inclusive people-first approach to learning. Beacon Education aims to build an inclusive, supportive, considerate community of lifelong learners, who are self-aware, reflective of the thoughts and beliefs of others and aspire to make a positive difference to the world in which we all live.

All members of the Beacon family are committed to improving the quality of education for every child in our care. Our core values of Ambition, Respect and Excellence will be promoted and we aim for a culture in which everyone is able to feel valued, and where all achievements and efforts are celebrated. Working together in a safe, caring and stimulating environment, where all stakeholders are Always Learning!

Our values of Ambition, Respect and Excellence are not what makes us unique. What makes Beacon unique is how to translate those values into actions everyday that permeate throughout the organisation. Our Trust Pillar identifies the offer made to all schools how the trust supports its schools to achieve our vision. The offer is never fixed, will be refined for further innovation or should it no longer be useful. Schools adopt the
same strategy to teaching and curricula, delivering bodies of knowledge that is agreed but always continue to debate and reform.

Our vision, ultimately, is to develop a network of school hubs/clusters that includes the full spectrum of 3 – 18 curricular offer, including alternative provision for the communities that we serve. We believe this model will
facilitate change, the social regeneration via holistic education in the communities that we are privileged to serve.


Ambition | Respect | Excellence


  • To take ‘calculated’ risks
  • To learn from mistakes
  • To have resilience – keep going when the going gets tough
  • Teachers learn and learners teach
  • Learning as one team together


  • Everyone is valued no matter of faith or belief
  • Treat others as we want to be treated ourselves
  • Value parents, our community and encourage participation
  • Social respect responsibility
  • Environmental respect and responsibility
  • Celebrate the freedom of expression
  • To be reflective


  • To know yourself and your skills and talents
  • Pride in yourself and your learning
  • Share your knowledge and talents with others who value them
  • Be positive, humble and thankful
  • To show compassion
  • Chose to excel when challenged
  • Achieve excellence through collaboration, ambition and resilience.
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